Beer shirts, Craft beer, Corona Beer and Sunshine

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The Corona Beer is a Corona IPA and we got the Corona Light.

The light Corona is a nice, easy to drink IPA.

The Light Corona is actually the lightest Corona beer, which means it has more flavor and alcohol.

Corona Light is a great beer to try out when you don’t want to go to the gym.

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The corona light is a light Corona IPA that is great if it has a little extra punch.

The imperial Corona Ale is a more mild Corona beer.

There is also Corona Light Ale, Corona Imperial Ale and some Light Corona Imperial IPA.

Corona Ale has a great punch.

The light Corona and Corona imperial beers are perfect for those looking for a beer with more flavor.

Corona Imperial has a slight hop bitterness and has a nice creamy mouthfeel.

The Imperial Corona is the light, mildest Corona and the Imperial Ale has the best bitterness.

The lighter Imperial Corona was also good for those that enjoy light beers with a bit of flavor.

There was a Corona Imperial Light Imperial Ale available as well, but we liked the Corona Imperial more.

The Dark Corona was the light and mildest of the Corona beers.

The Light Corona and Imperial Corona are also good choices if you are looking to try a beer that is light, easy drinking and has good flavor.

The Extra Light Corona was good for the light Corona drinkers.

The dark Corona was a nice blend of light and strong flavors.

The dark Corona and dark Imperial Ale are great for the beer drinkers who like a little more alcohol than most other beer drinkers, or want to try some more light beers.

The darker Corona was one of the best beers for this beer fan, and the Dark Corona Ale was another great choice for those wanting a little bit more alcohol.

The Dark Corona and Dark Imperial Ale were also very good for beer drinkers looking to experience some new flavors.

We enjoyed the Dark Imperial Corona a lot.

The extra dark Corona is very different than the other Corona beers that we tried, and that is a good thing.

The more light Corona beers on here, the more beers we get to try, so we will continue to update this article as we try new Corona beers each week.