Dragon’s Milk Brewery, Madison, Wisconsin is the latest craft brewery to take advantage of beer dye

Madison Brewing Co. is a craft brewery founded in 1871.

Founded by the brewery’s founders, Paul and Ellen Kowalski, the brewery began as a family affair in the late 1800s and was eventually named for the town in which it is located.

Madison currently employs approximately 80 people, and employs many in the Madison area, as well as local breweries.

The brewery’s beers are brewed in a single barrel system, which can produce about one hundred gallons per day, and the brewery is currently testing its own brewing system. 

The company’s latest project is a new beer called Dragon’s milk. 

Madison has released a series of limited edition bottles, which are available for purchase through the brewery. 

In a statement, the company said, “We are extremely excited to have the opportunity to offer the Dragon’s blood to the public, and we are excited to be able to offer this beer to the brewing community as part of our new ‘Drink Madison’ campaign.” 

The campaign is available through the Madison Brewery website. 

You can purchase the bottles at the brewery, at the Madisons taproom, or online. 

(Hat tip: Mike Zullo) (Photo credit: Madison Brew Co. via Madisons Facebook)Madison Brewing’s Dragon’s Blood is an American ale that is aged in a barrel for at least a year.

It is brewed with malted barley, wheat and spruce, with a strong, caramel-like flavor.

The beer is aged for approximately eight months in a wooden oak barrel, which is then filtered to remove any unfermentable ingredients.

The finished beer has a smooth and slightly sweet flavor with a medium body. 

Like Madison’s other offerings, Dragon’s brews are brewed by hand using only locally sourced ingredients. 

When the brewery released its Dragon’s Kombucha Brew in August, it garnered attention for being the first craft brewery in Wisconsin to use an all-grain brewing process. 

To learn more about Madison Beer and its other offerings and to learn more on Madison brewing, head to Madys brewery.