How a new brewery is making beer for a global market

An Oregon brewery is turning to new methods of brewing its beers in a new way.

The Oregonian reports the company, which opened a brewery in a former steel mill, is opening a new facility that’s making beer in a more environmentally friendly way.

This new facility is the first of its kind in Oregon.

And it’s not the first to open a brewery near Portland.

Oregonian columnist Jason Samenow reports the state is one of a handful that make beer from reclaimed wastewater.

The state also recently created a state brewery program to produce locally grown beers.

For now, Oregonian brewers are making a lot of beers for the taproom.

The brewery has two taps that sell limited amounts of beer.

Samenow says they’re doing a good job.

He says the tap room is a big draw and that people will pay for the privilege of seeing the brewery’s beers on tap.