How to avoid getting fined for drinking beer in Lone Star Beer

If you’ve ever been fined for being drunk in a restaurant or bar, you’ve probably thought that the punishment would be much shorter than what you would face if you were caught with alcohol in a public place.

But there’s one major exception to the rule.

The Lone Star State’s drinking laws are among the strictest in the country.

That’s because the law was enacted to protect Texans from being forced to pay fines for drinking in public.

And for many, that means drinking in bars or restaurants, too.

“There are people that don’t want to pay for the alcohol in bars,” said Jim Cramer, who served as president of the Lone Star chapter of the National Beer Wholesalers Association for 20 years.

“And that’s their business, so I think that it should be a business decision.

But the government should be there to protect people from being prosecuted for drinking.”

Cramer said the only way to get around that rule is to buy alcohol in private.

That means buying beer at a restaurant, buying beer in a bar, or buying a bottle of beer at the store.

“If you go to the grocery store and you buy beer in the grocery, you’re not going to be prosecuted for it,” Cramer said.

And for those who do drink in bars, Cramer has advice for those looking to skirt the rules.

“Don’t be that person that just says, ‘I’m going to go buy some alcohol and I’m not going back in there,'” Cramer explained.

“You have to do some research and figure out if it’s legal or not.”

For now, Cernos beer is the only beer available in the state.

And even though Cerno’s can be purchased from other stores, he’s not sure that would ever change.