How to avoid the gluten scare

A beer bar is the perfect venue for a gluten-free beer mug and you don’t need a gluten specialist.

If you are in the area of Denver, you can buy a gluten free beer mug from a local store and make your own gluten free version of it.

Thats what happens at The Bierkettle, a new gluten free bar in Denver.

Owner Alex Viglia started brewing gluten free beers in 2014 and says he started to notice a trend.

“The beer is great, it’s really easy to drink, it tastes great, but you dont need a special beer mugs for it,” he said.

The new location at 1520 East 25th Street will also offer a gluten friendly menu.

Viglias goal is to offer gluten free options at every level of the menu, from the smallest tasting menu to the largest gluten free menu.

“Weve done all the testing on our own and all the tests have shown that our gluten free burgers and beers are 100 percent safe,” he added.

Viglia says the biggest challenge was getting a place to get a gluten test done in the first place.

“There is so much misinformation out there about gluten,” he says.

“Were not going to tell people that their gluten free burger is 100 percent gluten free.

Were not.

We want people to be comfortable with their choices and our burgers and our beer are 100% gluten free.”

The new gluten friendly restaurant also includes a new menu item.

The burger is made with ground beef, mushrooms, peppers and onions and the drink is a gluten Free Coffee Bean Porter with a gluten neutral brew.

Veglia says he hopes the bar will serve a range of gluten free foods.

“Our food will be gluten free,” he adds.

“If we cant serve your favorite gluten free dish, our burgers will be made gluten free, weve got gluten free sandwiches, were going to have gluten free pasta.”