How to brew beer at home, in just three minutes

A woman in Michigan says she made a batch of beer with her husband’s help.

The couple shared their story with the local TV station WDIV-TV.

The story has sparked a conversation about beer aging and aging beer in the home.

“It’s kind of a crazy story, but you can’t go wrong with beer if you have a good home brewer,” said Brittany Dominguez.

She made her first batch of home brewed beer last month, with help from her husband.

It took three hours to brew a gallon of beer.

The beer is now on tap in a small brewery in the community of Madison.

The Domingos have been making beer for about a year, but Brittany says she’s always wanted to share her recipe.

The pair say they’re inspired by an old beer recipe that says, “The best beer can be brewed with one beer.”

Brittany says they hope it inspires people to make beer from scratch and not buy it from the grocery store.