How to buy cheap beer in Wellington

The most popular beers in Wellington, according to a report, include Kona, Peroni, Shiner, Red and Peroni Beer. 

The Beer Store is also listed among the top 25 beer bars in Wellington.

The report, titled ‘Beer in Wellington’, found that beer was more popular in Auckland, Wellington’s neighbouring city, than in Christchurch. 

“In Auckland, there were nearly 5 million beer purchases in 2015, and over 7 million in 2015,” it said. 

In Christchurch, the report found that the number of beer purchases was 3.4 million in 2016, but less than 1.4m in 2017.

“Christchurch’s beer scene is still struggling to compete with Auckland’s, despite the arrival of several new craft breweries,” it continued.

In 2015, the number one beer seller was Pannick’s. 

The Beer Store, which sells beer in cans and bottles, had 3.6 million beer sales last year. 

It was also the top seller for beer at the Waitemata and Otago Wine Festivalivals.

In the Beer Store’s annual report, it said it was investing in expanding the network of local craft breweries. 

But the report’s authors warned the Beer Company Act was a complex regulatory environment and many brewers had not been properly compensated for the economic losses they caused.

“While the Beer Corporation has been very successful in ensuring that beer is widely available and consumed, the Beer Industry Act 2015 does not cover all beer markets,” the report said.

The report also warned that “the Beer Act 2015 has no enforcement authority and is vulnerable to abuse by businesses or organisations”.

“The Act was not designed to address the risk of beer fraud, as it lacks a mandatory duty on distributors to report fraud and breaches of the Act.”

The Beer Act is not a ‘right to buy’ law and is not intended to be a safeguard for beer consumers.

“The Beer Corporation is also reviewing its rules for craft brewers to ensure they comply with the law.

 Auckland beer sales jumped 7.3 per cent last year, while Wellington’s rose by 2.4 per cent.