How to drink the beer that makes your brain grow back

Beer is a favorite of many Israelis, and it is one of the few beverages that can be enjoyed on a regular basis.

It is considered a delicacy in many parts of the country.

But when you want to enjoy it on a Sunday night, what do you do? 

It is quite simple, the Israeli beer expert says.

It needs to be served in the car.

The Jerusalem Post reported that the Israeli Beer Institute has been working on a new beer that can drink beer on its own, after receiving requests from the public.

“The Beer Institute decided to make a beer that is a bit of a beer cheese dip,” said Aleh Zohar, the institute’s head of the Israeli department of health and social affairs.

Zohar said the institute is in talks with brewers to make this beer.

The Beer Board, the country’s largest beer exporter, has already been working with several brewers to produce the beer, which it hopes to debut in Israel this year. 

The Beer Tiktik is an Israeli beer that has a taste similar to that of beer cheese dipped, but with more alcohol than normal.

Zaharon Oren, a former Israeli minister, said he is hopeful that the beer will soon be available in Israel.

“We will be able to enjoy a beer on the Sabbath, but we can’t drink it at a party or at a wedding,” he told The Jerusalem Times.

“When we are in the kitchen, I think we will drink a beer at home.”

He added that the Beer Board is working to increase the alcohol content in their beer to be suitable for consumption during the Sabbath. 

Oren said the Beer Tike will be available at local restaurants and shops and will be sold in Israel as a special beer. 

A spokeswoman for the Beer Institute said the Israeli Food and Drug Administration had approved the beer.

“If a beer company can prove that it is safe for consumption on a Sabbath, the Beer Authority will be more inclined to approve the beer,” the spokeswoman said. (With AFP)