How to find the perfect pint of Guinness for your next party

An article on the Irish Times website reveals that the Guinness and Pint of Guinness team are working on a pint of beer with Guinness Stout.

The Guinness and the Guinness Stout are both produced in the US, with the Guinness brand being produced in Canada and Ireland.

The pint of the Guinness beer is the first in the Guinness & Co. range to be made in Ireland.

It will be available from October 10th.

The article also mentions that a pint will be made with Guinness and Guinness Stout, with both beers being made in the same facility in Ireland, which will also produce the Guinness stout.

The brewery will also release a new beer in the range, called The Cauldron, that will be brewed with Guinness as well.

The Cauricula is a beer brewed in partnership with Guinness Breweries, a company which makes beer for Guinness and a number of other brands.

The company has previously brewed the Cauldron in the USA, and will release it in the UK.

The other new beer is The Black Bear.

This is a 5.2% ABV beer, which is the same as Guinness Stout but with a slightly lower alcohol content.

This beer is made with both Guinness and Cauldron and will be released in November, with a pre-order starting on January 8th.

There are also plans for a new brewery in New York City to release a stout called Pilsner Pils, which the brewery describes as a “pure German-style lager brewed with a special blend of hops and spices, and aged for two months in oak barrels”.

The Black Pils will be sold in the United States at a price of $11.95 per 750ml bottle, with an additional 50ml of beer available for a discounted price of only $5.50 per 750 ml.

The news follows a similar announcement last year for the Guinness Pint and Guinness Brewery, which were announced on the same day the UK government announced the launch of the UK’s first national craft beer program, Craft Beer Week.