How to find the perfect super-sweet beer at the perfect bar

This beer geek is a beer geek.

That’s right, the guy behind the awesome Super-Sweet Beer site,, is also a beer nerd.

SuperSweet Beer is an online beer community for beer fans and beer enthusiasts.

You can search the site for beer recipes, share your own beer recipes and share your favorite beers.

He’s also the founder and CEO of

He loves the beer, so naturally, he wanted to help you find super-satisfying beer.

Super Sweet Beer has a dedicated community of beer fans.

He likes beer recipes that have a bit of a kick to them, like: the super-louder, super-bitter, super sweet, super complex, super spicy and super funky beers.

I love those, too, and SuperSweet is where you can find them.

Here’s what you’ll find at SuperSweet, and what it will cost you: super sweet beer (you’re welcome)  Super sweet beer with a twist. 

Super sweet beer that makes you happy. 

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Super Sweet Beer is free.

So, why not try some super-dank, super funky beer? 

Here’s how: find a bar where you are happy to be and order a super sweet pint.

You’ll also want to take advantage of the bar’s specials and free samples. 

The bar is super sweet. 

 When you order, they’ll give you a super-spicy super sweet drink, super soft and super sweet  (not to mention it will have a kick.) 

The beer will come with a beer towel and a super delicious super sweet bottle of beer.

The bar will also serve you a beer trolley, so that you can pick up and return the bottle to the bar for you or your partner. 

This is super super sweet! 

The super sweet trolley is super tasty. 

A super sweet sweet beer is super delicious! is a super fun place for beer lovers.

It is full of great beer recipes.

I’ve found that I really like to try new beers that I haven’t tried before.

If you’re looking for something super sweet and drinkable, then I highly recommend