How to make beer cheese in under 20 minutes: Beer cheese recipe

A cheese recipe that makes your favourite beers taste as good as they do when they were made in the 20th century is being taught in a class at a British brewery.

The class, called Beer Cheese, takes students from England to Scotland for a week to learn how to make cheese.

The recipe involves a combination of cottage cheese and a mix of salted butter and buttery-creamy cheese.

Students at the class will also make their own cheese, but the class is designed to introduce cheese makers to cheese making.

A spokesman for the Scottish Beer Cheese Association told the BBC’s World at One: “Our aim is to get the whole world to be cheesemakers, and this is a great opportunity to do that in Scotland.”

Our mission is to create a whole new class of cheesemaking students.

“We are really hoping that this will be a huge boost to the Scottish cheese industry and to the whole cheese industry in Scotland.”

The first students to take part in the class are expected to graduate in March.