How to make beer cheese sauce

Beer cheese sauce is a favorite of craft beer lovers.

You can use the sauce in all sorts of dishes like potato salads and pasta sauces, but it’s also delicious on its own.

It has a very light, nutty flavor and is perfect for sauces, sauces with meat, and dips.

How to Make Beer Cheese Sauce 1.

Place all ingredients in a blender.


Blend until smooth and creamy.


Use a sharp knife to shred any uneaten bits of the cheese.


Spread on your favorite pasta sauce or potato salad.


Enjoy with a beer or wine.


Use the cheese sauce for a pizza, steak, or cheese pizza.


Use it in dips, soups, or beer cheese sauces.


Use beer cheese for a beer cheese dip, beer cheese soup, or wine cheese sauce.


Enjoy it with cheese and pepperoni sandwiches, pizza rolls, or burgers.


Use your cheese sauce as a base for pizza toppings, dipping, and dipping sauces.


Use cheese sauce to dip chicken and beef in tomato sauce, sauce for chicken and fish in tomato-based sauce, or a combination of tomato and cheese sauce in pizza sauce.