How to make cheese sauce using the beer battered cod

Beer battered cod is the most popular type of cod and it’s used in many ways, but how do you get it?

Here’s how you can make cheese with it.

Read moreBeer battered cod can be eaten raw, fried or cooked, so if you’re cooking it, you can be sure you’ll get a good flavour and a good crust.

The fish itself is also pretty tasty and easy to cook.

In this article, we’ll explain how to make beer battered cheddar cod with the cod fillets.

We start by slicing the fish and then removing the bones and skin, as they are very difficult to peel and eat.

To do this, we first have to use a meat slicer.

We then remove the skin by pulling the meat away from the bone, using a meat grinder to scrape away the skin.

We then start cooking the fish by frying it.

To cook beer battered fish, you have to cook it for around three minutes at a low temperature.

This gives the fish a nice crispness and helps to brown the surface of the fish.

Once the fish is cooked, we can add it to the salad with fresh herbs and tomatoes, if you like.

It can also be served with rice and salad, or topped with cheese.

You can buy beer battered Cod in all the major supermarkets and you can also get it frozen, but you can’t take it home, as it’s made with live fish.

You can get more info on beer battered and battered cod from here.