New Orleans Saints’ Kenny Vaccaro on NFL’s future: ‘I know the world’s going to change’

New Orleans’ Kenny (Kenny Vaccaro) Vaccaro, who is in his second season with the Saints, has been with the franchise since it moved to New Orleans in 2010 and has been a big reason for the team’s success in recent years.

Vaccaro said Sunday that he would not retire after his second year as the team quarterback.

“I’m excited for the future,” Vaccaro told reporters on the team bus as he headed to New York City.

“I know that the world is going to be different.

The world is changing all the time, so we have to adapt and be ready to go.

I know the rest of the world knows that we have a long, long way to go, so I’m excited.”

Vaccaro was asked if he expected to see the team back together after his two seasons with the team.

“Yes,” Vaccaros response was.

“The future is very bright for the New Orleans area.”

The Saints are coming off their second straight division title, and have reached the playoffs for the third straight season.

They beat the Detroit Lions in the wild-card round on Sunday and now have a game against the Buffalo Bills in Week 16.