The ‘beer advocate’ who doesn’t like the new beer restrictions

I’m sure some beer drinkers out there have already heard of “The Beer Advocate.”

He’s the guy who doesn (or wouldn’t) like the beer restrictions on the new season of The NFL.

He’s also the guy that says, “I know the rules, but I don’t want to be a part of it.”

And, in his mind, that’s the problem.

In a recent blog post, The Beer Advocate made a case for how he thinks the NFL should change its rules for the new year.

For starters, he says the NFL can do better with its scheduling.

“There are too many games in the NFL this year,” he wrote.

“The league’s schedule is so busy, it has a limited number of games.

The players, coaches, and owners will be busy trying to get the games they want and scheduling those as well.

This creates a recipe for disappointment and scheduling chaos.

I’m not suggesting the league should eliminate any of the games that are scheduled to occur, but instead prioritize them and prioritize their games, and eliminate those that are too far off schedule.”

It’s not just the scheduling, though.

The Beer Avenger is also a big fan of the “sport” aspect of the game, saying that while the NFL’s “game day” schedule is “just not fair” the “games” aren’t “just a spectator sport.”

“You don’t see people competing on a football field at all,” he continued.

“They don’t go on a soccer field.

They don’t compete in a soccer game.

They’re competing in a sports game, which is just not fair.”

In this game, it’s the fans who are the ‘participants’ and the ‘producers.’

These are the people that make the decisions, not the owners.

They should have more power.

I am not advocating that the NFL eliminate the games the fans choose to watch, but rather that the league schedule be more realistic and balanced, allowing fans to choose their own games and having more meaningful sports.

“That would allow the league to create a more enjoyable and entertaining season for the fans.”

The Beer Avenger also pointed out that “in the past, when the NFL has had to cancel games or change its schedule, it was the fans that suffered.”

We’re talking about sports that, for the most part, are dominated by the fans.

There are many sports that rely on TV ratings to make money.

As a fan, you’d like to see a league that’s more balanced and that has more meaningful games.

That would include not just NFL games, but other major sports like basketball, hockey, soccer, and even baseball.

The NBA and MLB both have huge fan bases that aren’t happy with the way the league is scheduling its games, so maybe the league can get back to that with a more balanced schedule.

In addition to the schedule change, the Beer Avenger suggested the NFL also change its locker room policy, saying it should be “open to all” and not discriminate against any team.

The league has a policy that it allows players to dress in the locker room, which has been a popular policy among fans.

However, The Sports Guy is concerned the league could be using this as an opportunity to create an environment where players dress as transgender women.

“This policy is open to all players and it doesn’t discriminate against anyone,” he said.

“We’re not asking any one group to dress like a woman, but if they do, they are welcome to do so.”

With the NFL taking a tough stance on the issue, The Food Babe says he thinks it’s time for the league and the NFLPA to talk about “what’s next.”