The Beer Guy: It’s Not Just a Beer, It’s a Person

It’s not just a beer.

It’s the person that makes it.

The beer you drink is the beer you’ll make, the beer that inspires you to make it.

This year, we’ve been blessed with a few amazing beers.

These beers are not only great to have, but they’re also great to drink.

So let’s take a look at how to enjoy them in the most delicious way possible.1.

The Belgian Wit Beer: Belgium is a great place to start, because they produce many great beers.

Their Wit Beer is the most well-known of the three, but we’ve found a few other great Wit beers that are not so widely known.

This is the Belgian Wit beer, and it’s a Belgian Wit, which is basically a sour ale with yeast added.

It has a pretty unique flavor, which comes from the yeast and some of the hops, but it’s still a great beer.

You can find it at most bars in Belgium.2.

The American Wit: This is an American Wit beer that’s made by a small brewery called Great Divide.

This beer is a little bit more of a Belgian beer, but this is a good beer, too.

It tastes good with grilled cheese or with a beer or two.

The brewers say that they make it in a traditional style.

If you like Belgian beers, you might like this one.

You might like it more if you like a beer made in the United States, but if you’re in the US and you’re trying to decide what to drink next, you’ll probably love this one, too!3.

The Pale Ale: This one is a bit of a rarity, but you can find this beer in places like bars and restaurants.

It makes a great pale ale, but the recipe is also good for the bar, because it’s not very dry.

It can be used as a side to a burger, for instance.4.

The Amber Ale: Amber is a colorless, flavorless, and slightly bitter beer.

This one makes for an excellent refreshing beer, especially when paired with ice cream.5.

The Wheat Beer: A very popular beer, the Wheat Beer is brewed in a small, little brewery in Belgium called Groupe Grouppe, and they make one every year.

The name comes from “Groupe”, which is a small town in Belgium where they’re located.

They make a very popular wheat beer, so this is one of the few that’s brewed in the USA.6.

The Double IPA: This beer has a nice hop aroma and a sweet, malt-forward flavor.

This brew has a bit more bitterness than a traditional American IPA.

If there’s one thing to be said about the Double IPA, it’s that it’s very light.

You don’t need much to get you through a long day at work, but that’s why this is so popular.

This makes a good snack or snack for lunch.

It also works well for the beer, because you don’t have to worry about whether you’re going to drink it right away.

This version of the Double IPAs is sold in cans, so you can buy one in bulk and keep it for the day.

This recipe is made by Pabst Brewing Company in New England, which makes a lot of great beers, including this one (they’ve also made a few beers from other breweries).7.

The Blonde Ale: These are beers that have a sweet aroma and very mild flavor.

They’re best for the IPA crowd.

This flavor is also a bit hoppy, so it can be a good choice for someone who likes their beer light.8.

The Porter: This has a really complex flavor, with a lot more hops than an American IPA, which adds a lot to the flavor.

It works best with a good Belgian-style beer.

The flavor of this is similar to a Belgian golden ale, so if you want to try something different, try the Belgian Porter.9.

The Black IPA: Black is a style of beer that is very light, with no alcohol, so the flavor isn’t as intense as a Belgian brown ale, which you might want to be more wary of if you try to drink a black beer.

Black IPA is also less common than the other three.

This style of black beer is also called an imperial stout, and this is made from stout beer that has been filtered.

The most common styles of imperial stout are Belgian Strong, Imperial and Strong Dark, and these beers are the ones you’ll want to order if you plan on drinking this style of craft beer.10.

The Brown Ale: The brown ale is the lightest of the styles.

It is brewed with the same ingredients as an imperial beer, which means it’s slightly heavier.

This lighter style is often paired with a more traditional beer like a stout or a white ale.

It pairs really well with a Belgian-inspired food like grilled cheese.11.

The Pilsner