What is Madison Beer?

By Kate O’ConnellThe Globe and Mail’s sister site, The Globe and Sunday Times, has launched a new feature to highlight the unique history and flavours of the city’s famous beer, and provide a bit of context about its origins.

Madison Beer was created in 2002, but was only introduced to the world in a limited release beer in 2005.

This is the first time we’ve released the history and flavour of the beer itself, so here it is.

The brewery was founded by a group of friends, including the brothers Dave and Ben (Dave is now a full-time beer consultant) and Brian.

The name came from a local area pub called The Beer Shed, and they decided to brew a beer that had a slightly different flavour profile from the standard American craft beer.

It was called Madison Beer, after the town where they all lived, and it was a bit like an old fashioned American ale.

Madison Beer was actually the first beer brewed in the US, and is now widely available in over 100 countries.

It has an extremely low alcohol content, meaning it’s easy to drink in any amount of your choice of any of our many tasty brews, including our famous Summer Ale, our seasonal Amber ale, our summer seasonal IPA and our seasonal Blonde Ale.

If you want to try a beer from Madison Beer on tap, we’re happy to oblige, and we’ll have a small selection of our favourite brews available on tap from the brewery.

It’s not just beer, either.

The Madison Beer team has created a range of tasters, including one of our very own, Matt O’Brien, to bring you the beer’s flavour profile, its unique history, and our tasters’ experiences of sampling and tasting it.

In fact, we even got to try some of our taster tasters beer for the first day!

The tasting is a fun and interactive experience, where you and your taster partner choose from a wide variety of Madison Beer brews to try, from seasonal favourites such as our Summer Ale to our seasonal IPA.

It starts at 8pm on Saturday night and finishes at 5am on Sunday morning, and all participants will be judged on their tasting experience.

We will be using the same tasting criteria to select our tasting team, so that you won’t be left feeling overwhelmed.

For a full list of our tasting criteria, and to see how you can try some delicious Madison Beer beers, click here.

This is not a typical tasting, however.

We have a full on tasting room for you to enjoy all the different brews that the Madison Beer crew have been brewing since the brewery was first established.

There will be plenty of tables, a large bar and a great selection of beers on tap.

The room will also feature a kitchen, a wine bar and plenty of other tasty things to snack on.

The beer will be served in a large pewter canister, with a glass of champagne on the table.

We’ll be bringing you more information on Madison Beer soon, so stay tuned for that.

Madison beer is not only a fun way to celebrate your love of beer, but also for your birthday, anniversary or any other special occasion.

We’ll be releasing a special tasting menu to celebrate the anniversary of Madison’s opening.

If that’s something you’re interested in, you can contact the Madison Brewmaster to book a tasting.

Happy drinking!