What you need to know about beer battered and fried fish

Beer battered and battered fish has been around for centuries, but the dish was only introduced to the UK by the Chinese.

But this week it was brought to the United States by chef Ryan Gannon and has been making the rounds of restaurant menus in restaurants across the country.

Gannon said he was inspired by the style of the dish after he visited the Chinese city of Hangzhou and was surprised to find how similar it was to what he ate at home.

“I was shocked by how similar this dish is to what I ate in China,” he said.

“It’s definitely a modern fusion.

It’s just so delicious.”

‘It’s like a Chinese street food’ The dish has been described as an authentic fusion of a classic Chinese dish with American influences.

“There’s something very comforting and delicious about this dish,” Mr Gannon told the BBC.

It’s just a perfect fusion of what I love about my home country and what I like about my American home country.”‘”

Beer battered fish is just a traditional Chinese street dish that’s been marinated in soy sauce, chili oil, ginger and garlic, which creates this incredibly delicious fish.”

It’s just a perfect fusion of what I love about my home country and what I like about my American home country.”‘

It’s a good sign’ The new dish is also proving popular in some other countries.

“Because it’s so good in Taiwan.” “

When I saw the popularity in Taiwan for this dish, I knew I had to come here and try it,” he told the New York Times.

“Because it’s so good in Taiwan.”

The dish is not limited to the island.

It is also popular in South Korea, where restaurants in the country have introduced it to a new generation of diners.

“To see a restaurant in Seoul serve this is really a good thing, because it shows that there are people that love this dish and want to try it out,” Mr Noh said.

‘We love this food’ In a blog post about the dish on her blog, Mrs Noh described the recipe as “one of the most unique dishes that I’ve ever made”.

“It was a little tricky to make the sauce because of the way it was marinated,” she wrote.

“But I’m so glad I did.

The sauce is very flavorful, it has a little bit of sweetness, and the fish is super tender.”

A local chef was so impressed with the dish that she offered to take the first batch to her home town of Portland, Oregon.

“They just took my husband’s order for dinner,” Mrs Noc said.

The recipe has also been shared widely on social media.

“This is what it’s like to cook for a whole city of people,” Mr Sjostrom told ABC News.

“What a great way to celebrate.””

What a great way to celebrate.”