What you need to know about the Corona Beer Virus

Beer drinkers around the world have been enjoying a bit of a scare after they became infected with the Corona beer virus.

The virus causes a mild headache, fever and cough.

It can cause symptoms similar to a cold or runny nose.

The first symptoms of the Corona virus include a mild fever, headache, a cold and cough, but it is possible to have the symptoms of an actual infection.

The coronavirus can be spread via coughing or sneezing and the first symptoms are usually mild, but if you have symptoms of a cold, cough or a fever you should seek medical attention immediately.

The Corona virus is caused by a coronaviruses coronaviral protein, which is made in the liver and spreads through contact with infected blood.

The disease can be caused by one of two viruses, the Coronavirus type 1 or type 2.

Coronavirus coronavii is an airborne virus.

It is spread via the nose and the throat, and it is usually transmitted through contaminated food or water.

The second type of coronavovirus is a new type of virus that is spread through the saliva of an infected person.

The two types of viruses can both be spread through contact and can cause severe and potentially fatal illness.

The Coronax virus is the most common cause of the coronavirence.

It usually causes a fever and is spread by touching the skin or mucous membranes of an exposed person.