When did you first get the idea to make a beer tap?

Grolsch is an award-winning craft beer company located in St. Petersburg, Florida.

The company makes a variety of beers, including a seasonal seasonal seasonal, a Belgian-style ale, and a sour beer. 

The company was founded in 2008 by Thomas Grolsch, a former beer executive for General Mills, who wanted to make beers with flavor and texture that were not so sweet.

The team took a group of homebrewers from the United States, Belgium, and Germany and brought them to Florida. 

Grossman says the beer tap is named after his mother who loved Grolsh. 

“She made the beer into a bar where she would put her own kind of beer and a lot of the time she had a good time with it,” Grossman says. 

What kind of beers do they make? 

The Grolsches say they are mainly American craft brewers.

They make an assortment of beers that are seasonal and include their Belgian-Style Ale, Belgian-inspired ale, an amber ale, a sour, and an IPA.

They also produce seasonal beers and tap brews, and make an organic beer and produce their own beer in the tasting room. 

Is there a tap room? 

Golsch’s beer taps are located in a large building on the campus of St. Pete College.

The tap room is a large glass room that seats about 150 people and has a large table for tasting the beers. 

Can you make a special batch for a beer? 


You can purchase one for $15.00 a bottle.

They can sell it to other bars, restaurants, and other events. 

How do you sell a beer to a large crowd? 

There is no minimum price for a Grolsche beer, but it is a lot less expensive than buying a regular pint or a draft beer.

You can pay anywhere from $5-$10 for a single bottle. 

Are there other breweries in the area? 


There are other breweries around St. Pines and the city that make beers that look like Grolch.

There are a few others around the state, including The Stone Brewing Co. and The Beer Institute that have beer that is similar to Grols. 

I’ve heard of other breweries that make Grol Schlitz, How much does it cost? 

$10 for the pint and $5 for a 6-pack of 12 ounces. 

Where can I get one? 

They can be found at a few different locations: Gronsch Brewery on campus of the college; Gravelsch Brewing Co., the brewery that makes GrolSch; Bourbon Alley Brewery, which sells Grol Sch; St. Pete Brewing, which produces Grol; Cafe Mestizo, which makes a beer similar to the one that Grol’s employees make; The Tasteful Kitchen on the university’s campus; and at The Brewing Company on the University of Florida campus. 

Which brewery makes the best Grol schmaltz? 

Pint sizes vary.

The best Grollsch beers are typically available at the brewery. 

Why does it take so long for someone to order a Groll schmash? 

A Grol-Schmaltzh is a seasonal beer.

The Grol has a specific gravity, or the percentage of sugar in the beer, that is needed to ferment it.

When a person orders a Gropsch, they are told that they are looking for a certain amount of sugar, usually around 5% sugar. 

Do you know how long it takes to brew a Grosch? 

It depends on how much beer you have.

A few days of work, and then it takes about three weeks to ferment. 

Will I be able to taste my Grol? 

Not really.

Grol is a unique style of beer that does not require any equipment. 

It is made from grains that are naturally malted, so it does not have any hops or other chemicals added. 

Does it taste like a Gritsch? 

Probably not. 

In the summer, when there is a cooler in town, the temperature can drop to -30 degrees.

You may have to wait a little while for it to reach a temperature that is acceptable for the Grol. 

Did you make any money selling Grol Schnitz to customers? 

For the last four years, the company has sold Grol as well as a lot more other beers, such as  Pumpkin Pie, a citrus-flavored beer that also has a Gror. 

Has Grol ever been bought by another brewery? 

You bet your bottom dollar on it. 

For example, in 2016, Grol sold a couple of beers to The Brewing Co, a beer that was then rebranded as The Fue