When the NC brewery opens its doors, it will open with a bang

The brewery will have a brewpub on the premises, but it won’t be serving beer directly.

It will be serving its own brew. 

The brewery’s beer, Alec Porter, is a specialty of the brewery, with the brewery’s brewmaster, Tom Miller, saying that he is working on a special beer for the brewery.

The brewer’s beer will be brewed in-house at the brewery with a unique malt and yeast blend, and Miller hopes to have a draft available for sampling in early August.

He is also working on bringing in local breweries to brew with the brewer.

The beer will also be available to buy on the brewery website. 

Alecco Porter is available for pre-order through the brewery and can be ordered at the brewpub, where it will be served on tap. 

Miller said he is working to make the brewery more accessible to the wider Raleigh beer community, with a new website and a Facebook page.

Miller said that the brewery is currently working on getting the brewery up and running, and that it is a long process, but that he has faith in the brewing community and the brewery itself. 

“We’re very grateful to the brewery community for their help and support, and we know that there’s still a lot to do, but we have a great, long-term vision for what we want to achieve,” Miller said.

“It’s going to be a really fun and exciting journey.”

The brewery has been in business since 2009, but Miller said that he decided to focus on making the beer that people will be able to drink. 

For now, the brewery will serve its beer directly, with beer being served at the bar and in the brewery tasting room. 

According to Miller, the beer is expected to be in its final form, and he expects to have it on tap at the end of September.