When you want to know about your favourite beers from India, but are afraid to go outside

In a post that received widespread attention, India Today published an article asking people to give their opinion on the best beers in the country.

It is not the first time the news outlet has done this, but this time, the article focused on India, and the readers had a lot to say.

“The best beer is not always in the front row.

The best beer, when you want it, is not necessarily in the back row,” the article read.

“You may be thinking, ‘Why would I drink beer when I can drink wine, too?’

But the answer is that beer is better for you and your body.

It helps you to relax, to sleep well, to focus and relax,” the post read.

While the article was about India, it also had a few recommendations.

For starters, the most recommended beer is the Budweiser.

The beer is popular with the Indian diaspora in the US and other countries, and it has a long history of brewing.

“Budweiser is the best beer I’ve had.

It tastes great and is made with a beautiful aroma, a smooth mouthfeel, and a smooth taste,” the author of the article said.

Budweisers are also known for their high alcohol content.

In fact, they are the only beers in India that contain more than 12% alcohol by volume.

“There are no beers that are too weak for the body and mind to handle,” the Indian journalist said.

The article also had some recommendations for Indian wines.

“Wine is the most popular drink in India, especially with the younger generation.

It’s also the perfect drink to drink on a cold night when you’re feeling a little down,” the writer said.

“Even if you don’t like it, you will still be able to enjoy it because it’s light, sweet and refreshing.”

The beer writer also recommended that Indian restaurants serve beer, but only if it’s a strong brew.

“If you have a bottle of wine, you should try to drink it with a strong beer, preferably one that’s made from the same malted barley as the beer.

Otherwise, it’s not good to try,” the report read.

The India Today article was met with a lot of criticism.

A lot of readers accused the article of being biased.

“I am a big fan of the Indian beer scene.

This is one of my favourite drinks and I wish it were brewed in India.

How can you compare the two?

I know that the beer has a different taste to the wine, but the wine has a rich and spicy aroma,” wrote one person.

“People who are drinking wine are not always drinking the best wine.

If the beer is strong enough, it can make the wine taste better,” another person shared.

While some of the comments shared by the readers were in favour of drinking the beer, others said it was not good enough.

“Beer is made from malted rice, so there is a lot more protein in it.

The protein in beer makes it taste like an oatmeal bar and it makes it more palatable,” another reader shared.

“This is also the reason why Indian people tend to drink beer more than Westerners, because they drink more than other cultures.

The Indian culture does not allow for the consumption of beer, so it is better to avoid it,” another respondent said.

Some people also questioned the validity of the results.

“So, you’ve been drinking wine but then, when it comes to beer, you have to drink the beer that’s more expensive.

Do you really think the beer tastes better?” another person wrote.

India Today’s editor said that the article did not represent the views of the company.

“We do not believe the article is accurate.

We want to focus on what makes India great,” he said.

However, the results did not look good.

“One reader said that India Today had done a great job in covering the country, and that the story had been done by someone with a similar outlook.

The readers did not share this view,” he wrote.