Which beer can you drink for free?

Doses vary.

Beer fans can pay a small fee to taste beer for free, but it’s not a guarantee.

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can pay to try some of the many beers that aren’t offered at restaurants.

Here are the best ways to pay a beer visit in Boston: Beer festivals and festivals in Boston Beer Fest (May 20-21): If you’ve ever wondered what the best beer in Boston looks like, the Beer Fest is the perfect way to celebrate with friends.

Located on the Charles River, the festival is free, so it’s the perfect place to catch up on your favorite beers.

You’ll find dozens of beer events at the festival that include tastings and beer-drinking contests, beer festivals, beer tastings, beer bars, and much more.

Free Beer Tasting: If you have the money to attend, head to the Massachusetts Beer Festival to pick up a beer.

This is where you can pick up your sample of the brewery’s brews and see what you like.

If your palate is more on the pallet side, you may be able to pick one of the dozens of food-related events that take place at the event.

This festival also offers a sampling of the breweries’ beers, so if you’re a fan of beer, you might want to check it out.

The Boston Beer Festival also hosts the Boston Beer Company Fest, which features beer tasters, craft beer competitions, beer demonstrations, and more.

There are also live music throughout the festival, which can be a great time to grab some beers or enjoy a cocktail.

Beer Tastings: You can enjoy beer tastals at the Beer Festival and at Boston Beer Co. in the summer.

The tastings will be held at The Newbury Park Brewery and the B&B Pub in Roxbury.

The Beer Co’s beers include many of the popular craft brews, including the Boston Lager and Boston Pilsner.

The B&AMP Pub is located at the corner of Massachusetts Avenue and Boston Common.

There’s also a beer garden in the Beer Co building.

For the most up-to-date details on all of these festivals and events, you should check out the Boston Globe’s Beer Fest page.