Which beer can you drink in a barrel?

By Mike Grollman/Associated PressAs the summer months roll on, it’s time to take a closer look at some of the biggest beer brands, as well as some of their lesser-known brands.

A word about terminologyIf you’re unfamiliar with beer, here’s a quick refresher on what we mean when we use the term barrel: barrel is the barrel where the beer was aged.

The term refers to the type of barrel that makes up the beer.

Beer can is also a barrel, but that’s different from the term used here.

Boil is a term for a portion of the beer that has been used to make a beverage, such as a beer, wine, cider or even distilled spirits.

Cask is also an interesting term.

It refers to a portion that is used for storage or aging, but not for drinking.

Lager is a type of beer, and so it’s a type that is sometimes labeled as a “cask ale,” meaning it’s aged in oak barrels.

Stout is a style of beer that is typically a lighter version of an ale.

So, there you have it.

We hope you find this information useful.