Which beer style will you drink next?

It’s not the first time we’ve gotten into the business of predicting beer style.

We’ve been covering beer style trends for years, and the latest batch of beer styles is no different.

But this time around, we’re looking at beer styles with a specific focus on the brewing process and what goes into creating the beer.

So let’s take a look at some of the more interesting beers that are coming your way in 2017.

Beer styles for 2017Beer styles are usually grouped into three categories: American craft beers, world-renowned styles, and American imports.

Some of these styles are the best of both worlds, but they’re also very different from each other.

Some are classic styles that haven’t aged well, and some are a little more experimental, which makes for some interesting drinking options.

Here’s what we think you should be drinking next year.

American craft beersA few of the most popular American craft beer styles include American IPA, Belgian pale ale, and imperial stout.

American IPAs are the most sought-after among craft brewers, and they make up a big portion of the U.S. beer market.

American craft IPAs have been making waves since the release of Budweiser in 1999, when they were able to capture the attention of consumers across the globe.

American IPA has since grown to be one of the best-selling craft beers worldwide, and it’s been a big hit for Budweisers.

The latest iteration of Bud’s American IPA series is called Bud Light.

The beer is made with a blend of American hops and barley, which has been known to be more flavorful than other types of hops.

It is widely available in craft beer bars around the world, but you can find it in grocery stores as well.

Belgian pale ales are brewed with white sugar, malt, and coffee beans, and are also popular among craft beer fans.

Belgian porters, a style of beer made with the beer of the same name, are typically brewed with wheat, barley, and rye, with an added addition of roasted malt and some yeast.

American importsMost American imports are made with hops grown in other countries, and these include porters and wheat beers.

American porters have been gaining popularity in recent years, especially among craft drinkers.

A recent beer review by The Beer Journal named them the best American beer style for 2016.

Porters are also often called the “original American IPA” because they were originally brewed with American hops.

They’re often brewed with either red or brown malt, depending on the brewery.

American wheat beers, on the other hand, are brewed using a mixture of American and European wheat varieties, which give them a unique flavor and aroma.

American imports have a reputation for being extremely dry, so you’ll want to be careful when buying them.

American imported beers can be a little pricey, but if you can stomach the cost, they’re often one of those beers that will keep you coming back.

American world-class stylesThese styles tend to be brewed using the most complex and expensive ingredients, and usually contain a few other ingredients to give it a distinct taste.

For example, a beer like American Wheat will often contain wheat malts, barley malt, hops, and more.

American beers can range from the high-end to the low-end of the market, but all of these beers are brewed to the same standard.

Belgian and German styles of beer are also well-represented in this group, but these styles usually make up the majority of American beers.

American import beers often have a strong, fruity taste, but American imports also have an earthy flavor that’s often paired with citrus and floral flavors.

American beers are usually brewed using American ingredients, such as malt, wheat, and hops.

American beer styles often include barley malt and wheat malt, which add to the flavor profile and are commonly used in Belgian ales and IPAs.

American barley beers tend to have a slightly sweeter taste, which can make them more appealing to beer lovers.

American alesAmerican beers brewed with English or American ingredients are generally considered the most expensive and rare.

American ales can range in price from $8 to $14 for a typical bottle of beer.

American-style ales, on a different level, are made from imported ingredients, which tend to cost around $4 to $5 per bottle.

American ale styles are made using barley malt or barley malt with an addition of hops, which are usually added to the brew to make it more complex.

American wheat beers are often brewed using English ingredients, but there’s often a difference between American wheat ales made with barley malt from the U,S.

and American wheat malt from Europe.

American malt, as a grain, is often treated differently in different parts of the world.

American grain is often used in European beers like German lagers, while American wheat is used in many of the beers made in the U and Europe.

American IPAsAmerican IPA is the most common American IPA.

It’s brewed