Why are some gluten free beer brands making their products non-gluten?

This week, beer company Angry Orchard Brewing Company has released a gluten-free beer, Rolling Rock Beer Drop. 

The beer is a “low-acid” beer made with oats, wheat, and barley.

“It’s the most low-acid beer we’ve made,” said co-founder and head brewer Ben Koval.

Rolling Rock beer drop is a low-gloss, non-grape, low-alcohol beer made from oats, grains, and oats.

It is the first non-grain-based gluten- free beer. 

It’s also the first gluten-Free beer that was created from a gluten free recipe.

The company has been brewing beers for years, but it’s not the first time that they have come out with gluten- Free versions.

They’ve brewed with a gluten base before, and they’ve brewed gluten free beers in the past, but this is the only time we’ve seen a non-GLUTEN-FREE beer.

This is also the fourth gluten-less beer that they’ve released in 2017.

In addition to the gluten-FREE version, Angry Orchards newest gluten- FREE beer, the Hop-Bake Ale, is also available for purchase.

It has a “gluten-free” tag.