Why Beer Is Not Your Alcohol-Free Friend

We’ve all seen it, the line of customers who come to a bar to purchase an alcoholic beverage.

They’ve seen a tall boy with a beer in his hand, or a girl with a bottle of wine in her hand.

We’ve seen it in movies, at sporting events, in the grocery store, and on our smartphones.

But what if that guy or girl doesn’t look like a customer?

The beer in their hand may be a product of the brewery, but they may be drinking a drink that comes from a brewery that’s not the source of the beer.

That’s what happened to this young man who decided to try to purchase a beer with his dad, who is also a brewer.

According to the bartender, the customer asked him if he was going to have a beer and his dad said, “No, I don’t think so.”

He then proceeded to buy a beer from a nearby bottle shop, and the customer got the impression that he was getting the beer from the brewery.

The father took the customer’s drink home, then returned the beer to the customer.

That was the story of the story.

Beer is not a safe drink for anyone, let alone a kid.

However, as we learned with the deaths of two people in Colorado and Washington, we can expect to see more of these tragedies as more and more breweries move into the market.

When the federal government mandates labeling of beer and other alcoholic beverages, it opens the door to more legal challenges from those who would like to claim that beer is a drink for adults only.

If that happens, the consequences could be very real.