Why I am going to the growler bar to drink my beer

I don’t usually drink beer, but on this sunny Saturday, I found myself at the growlers bar at the downtown Toronto brewery to sip on some of the most unique beer in town.

This week, Toronto’s brewery will be opening up its doors to beer drinkers in an unprecedented fashion.

Starting July 21, beer drinkers can buy six-packs of their favourite brews from its two taps on King St. and Gerrard St. to the east of the city, and from its six taps on Dundas St. in the west.

There are currently no local breweries to take part in the new program, but the Ontario Craft Brewers Guild, which represents brewers and distillers, says it plans to launch a local brewery soon.

“Our hope is that people will find that it is the perfect place to start, to expand and to really start to be part of the beer industry,” said Dave Shaughnessy, the guild’s chief executive officer.

“It’s a great opportunity for Toronto to be a leader in this market, and we’re going to be looking to make sure that we get this thing rolling as quickly as we can.”

Shaughness, who is also a board member of the Toronto Beer Awards, which promotes beer-related industry awards, says that the brewery will serve the local beer community well.

“They’re really the backbone of our industry here in Toronto,” he said.

“There’s only one growler room, there’s only a few of them, and the tap system is kind of outdated and is in the basement of a brewery.”

We’re excited to be able to have a growler system at the brewery, and I think that will really help us in this city.

“Beer lovers can still purchase their own beer from Toronto’s other breweries, including the city’s two best-selling breweries, the Barley Wine Company and the Toronto Brewing Co., which are both based in Brampton.

But they can’t buy from the growling bar.

The Growler Bar at the City of Toronto will be open from 6 p.m. to 6 a.m., Saturday, July 21.

To reserve your own beer, visit the brewery’s website.