Why Is the World Cup so expensive?

The 2018 World Cup in Brazil has seen a huge increase in ticket prices, with some holders now shelling out up to 3,500 euros ($4,500) to watch their favorite team play.

The 2018 World Cups were the first major event in football to be sold on the Internet, and the game was the first to use digital technology to increase attendance.

The tournament is expected to draw an estimated 5.5 million people to Brazil, with more than 30 million people expected to watch the tournament live.

While many countries have introduced more stringent measures, many stadiums are still in place for the big game.

The cost of a ticket to the World Cups has increased by 2.3 percent to 5,858 euros ($6,000) in the past week, with many venues charging significantly more.

In the last month, Brazil has also seen its most expensive ticket prices in history, according to a report by Brazil’s CONATEL.

The average ticket price in Brazil increased by 9.2 percent to 3.729 euros ($3,827) in August, with the average cost of watching a match rising by 19.6 percent.