Why you shouldn’t drink beer with the kids

There’s a new trend among kids in the US, where they are buying and drinking beer with their parents.

While some of this beer has been labeled as “sour”, most of it is flavored.

It’s all part of the fun, the marketing and the fun of the holidays.

The beer, of course, is a part of a trend.

And there’s another trend, one that can be traced back to the advent of the Internet.

The Internet has made it easy to purchase and drink beer at all hours.

In fact, we have been using the Internet to purchase beer for over two decades now.

According to the Brewers Association, more than 6.2 million people are now connected to the Internet every day.

This has led to the proliferation of brands that are popular with kids.

Among these are the “Sour” varieties of beer, which come in a wide range of flavors.

There are a few of these that are considered safe for kids.

But it’s worth noting that there are many brands that have been linked to death and illness.

Some of these brands include Sierra Nevada Pale Ale, Sierra Nevada Dark, Sierra deCalais Red and the recently released Sierra Nevada Amber.

But most kids can find beer that is delicious, but it isn’t for everyone.

The main problem with flavored beers is that there’s a small amount of sugar in them, which can make them sweet.

This can lead to some kids becoming allergic to certain ingredients in the product.

This can lead them to develop health issues and lead to their deaths.

Even more worrisome is that these flavored beers can also be unsafe for kids if consumed in large quantities.

For example, the “Red” variety of beer can contain up to 1,000 times the amount of salt that is in regular beers.

And the “Oatmeal” variety can contain 3,000 to 6,000 calories.

So, if you are planning to buy a beer that includes a sweet flavor, be sure to keep in mind the fact that you might end up spending money you should be saving for a safe alternative.