‘WTF?’ Beer kitchen: It’s the perfect place to learn about beer!

Beer is a versatile food that’s become an increasingly popular, yet largely overlooked, ingredient in modern home brewing.

It’s also a popular topic of conversation and debate on the Internet.

But for many, the topic of beer and brewing is far more complex than most of us might realize.

This article is a collection of answers to common questions, answered by the world’s leading beer expert, Brian L. Brown.

Topics include: Beer Basics 101: Why is beer made?

How does beer get made?

What is the difference between beer, beer beer, and beer?

What are the benefits of beer?

How is beer different from other types of alcoholic beverages?

Beer: How and why is beer produced?

Beer Basics: How do beer ingredients work?

Beer Recipes: How to make a batch of beer.

Beer Brewing: What are some of the common beer styles?

Beer-Making Basics: What’s a brewer’s job?

Beer Brewing Recipes: What makes a good beer?

Beer Styles: Which beer styles are popular and which aren’t?

How to brew a good IPA.

Beer Food: What is a good way to prepare beer?

Why is it important to drink the right kind of beer in order to enjoy it?

Beer Tips: Beer’s best friends.

What are beer tips?

How do you make great beer?